Well, it's as good a reason to update my LJ as any, I suppose. XD

I remember once, we found a stag beetle in the garden. I thought that was pretty epic.

Until today...

When we found a rhinoceros beetle in the laundry. Attached to a bra, no less.

We named him Brian.

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The mind boggles.

In other news, we went to see HARRISON FORD in all his awesomeness today. 8D; Then we ate tonkatsu. Day in the life. :'D

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i liek beanz!

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Just thought I'd let you all know that my live is AWESOME and made of win.

I'm working closely with a local JRock band on English lyrics, and let me tell you it is not only something I'd always dreamed of doing someday, but it is the most fun I've had in a loooong time. ^o^ We get along really well, and it's always a good laugh no matter what.

I'm going to Shinjuku MARZ for the first time in 2 years tomorrow, and then Shibuya Cyclone the day after - just like old times. :)

Seriously though, the first day I went to Cyclone... that day totally changed me forever, and I am SO FUCKING GLAD, I cannot tell you. I love my life right now. I can't wait to go back to Cyclone - I haven't been there in literally years. Maybe I'll cry. :'D GAMAN GAMAN GAMAAAAAAN.

Uhm, what else... *shrugs* I love my liiiife XD!! I want it to stay this way forever >o<;;

I am a happy panda. <3

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X Japan

Well... okay, I guess I should say a few words about this. XD This will be brief for fear of ranting...

I went to see X three days in a row last weekend, it is now Friday of the next week, and my feet + voice STILL have not recovered. Oh well. XD

Friday 28th

Went up to Dome early and chilled with hideincarnate for most of the day, finally got in line just after 5, then it started raining... doors were supposed to open at 4:30, but they didn't open til 6:30; when we eventually got in, I fell asleep for half an hour.. XD;; Uhm... gig was good, Yoshiki randomly trashed his drumkit about 5 songs in, there was an incredible acoustic version of Say Anything... uhm, stuff happened, then Yoshiki died halfway through the encore. Only X would chose a HALF AN HOUR SONG for the encore. Anyway, yeah, so he passed out (and the moon is made of green cheese and I'm the queen of England.), and was carried away, then the rest of the gig was cancelled, I had to run throuh Kabukichou to catch my train home, wolfed down some scrambled eggs, fell onto the sofa and zonked. XD (They opened with Last Song, which was a good way to start things~)

Saturday 29th

MUCH much better, met up with hideincarnate, mtembo tamaofdeath roxy_chan and Damien, and generally twatted about all day. Developed a reputaton among the cosplayers that I was a bit ofa spastic, but I suppose that's true, so.... AAAAANYWAY, 4pm sharp, doors opened, everybody shuffled in, lights out at precisely 6pm, gig lasted a few hours and was generally made of far more win than the previous day. Went home via Yoshinoya and stopped to take LADIES PORTRAITS in Shinjuku before scurrying home.

Sunday 30th

Went to Harajuku in themorning, balked at the queue outside LEMONeD, much the same plan as yesterday, everything went like clockwork, gig started around 6:20, we had a full 4 hours of X madness including a period where the band left the stage leaving everybody singing Endless Rain for about half an hour. XD

Yeah, that's all you're getting. XD I simply don't have the time or energy to say more. Friday SUCKED, and I woke up so angry on Saturday morning, and the anger didn't really subside until Sunday night when the violins of Art of Life cut across the room and Yoshiki came back to the stage to finish what he'd started on Friday. I mean - I thought 29 minutes was pretty lengthy for a song, but no, this version of Art of Life was nearly FOURTY-EIGHT HOURS LONG. XD

Everybody's gone home now. :< I am loneleh. Damien left on Monday, Jess left on Tuesday and Roxy left today. Mouu~ ... # HITORI DEEE ARUKENAIIII.....# 8D

Yeah, they played Forever Love... I cackled. XD OH, and they finally played Without You with LYRICS and SINGINGS :'D I was very pleased, but the lyrics are so predictable, by the third night I could sing along XP Better luck next time, Yochan. I.V. was really good on Saturday, it sort of failed on Friday and fell a bit flat on Sunday. No, I said I wasn't going to say any more DX!! *runs screaming from LJ*

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>_> Uhm. Neglecting my LJ? Me? Absolutely not.

Day Thirty-One

WELL. XD I think I'd better explain where I've been for the past week or so. XD;

I'VE BEEN IN THE JUUUUUNGLE MAAAAAN 8DDDD Been keepin' it real up in the hells, yo.

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It was a really great experience - very difficult, and I've not even covered half of it here, but I'm too lazy right now - I posted pics on my facebook - same dealy as before - if you wanna see, let me know your FB addy and I'll add you 'n stuff. :B

In other news, I am going to see X Japan. Not once. Not twice. But THREE TIMES, OH YES. I already gushed about this on DA but EEE! Those of you who know me know that I've loved X for god knows how long, and the chance to see them live is... *_* Quite literally a dream come true. I'm sad that hide won't be on stage, but what can ya do, huh... silly man. f(^x^);

I was gunna add in some silly anecdote about putting on my bra on the outside in my haste to buy X tickets for the 29th, but I think enough of you know how retarded I am by now, so I don't think I even need to explain how I managed that. XD

Thankyou to EVERYBODY who's helped me get tickets - not only did Jess-rin and I get tickets for ourselves, we also managed to help a load of other people get tickets too, and we have people flying in from overseas just to see this gig with us. I also managed to get a ticket for Mr Tommie-B, which is like.. the best thing ever. I feel USEFUL. XD Everybody deserves to see this gig, we've been waiting far too long already :D

Right, I'm off to Hong Kong this afternoon =O Bit random, but yeah. XD I'm pretty much packed, just waiting for my straighteners to cool down, and then I'll go check out and lurk in the lobby for a couple of hours before my taxi... I'm going up super early, but I can get some food when I arrive and just chill out for a bit before going to meet my parents in the Dep. lounge at Suva. :3

See you all soooon 8D

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Day Sixteen

Finally went to Khao-San Road. To be honest, I didn't like it. =X Took the free tuk-tuk from the hotel up there, wandered around for about 3 hours in search of walking boots, but it's all the same crap they sell anywhere. Still found no boots. :<

Instead of waiting for the tuk-tuk to come round again, I decided to walk back. It took quite a long time, but it was an interesting walk so I hardly noticed. I saw fried insects o_O and fish heads boiling in big barrels on the street, and various other types of fish cooking away (amazingly, I couldn't smell it at all o_O I think the other scents of the street must've killed the fish smell, for which I was rather thankful XD)

Uhm, got chatted up by some weird Indian bloke... what else...?

"Where you from?"
"... UK. England."
"Fuckin A!!"
"o_O What??"
"Fuckin' A!! You know that, right??"
"@__@ Yeah, but..."

Oh, when I was pretty much in sigh of my hotel, this old guy comes hurrying out of nowhere saying "D: KHAO-SAN ROAD THAT WAY!!" I was like... uh... dude, I know. XD; He asked me where I was going, and I told him, and he said "Ah, yes, jusst turn right then turn :D". ...;; Matey, I don't know what it looks like to you, but I do sort of know where I'm going. XD;

That was the sum total of my excitement for the day.

Oh, but Sakurai Atsushi. Mrowr. :B

Day Seventeen

I was woken up this morning by what I can only assume is the loudest firework ever going off under my balcony. @_@
It's not even 11am yet @___@;;

It is now imperative that I get the scoop on Chinese New Year before Chinese New Year gets the scoop on me DX

Also, I'm now all concerned about public transport over the next few days D:

It's starting to get dark now and all the staff are leaving for the night.
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Amaterase Gurning!

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Day Forteen

Well, I was woken up by what I thought was some Scientology maniacs some to burn me for reading anti-Scientology propeganda... but once I'd woken up properly, it turned out to be Housekeeping come to deliver my laundry. :'D~

Then, I discovered, my hot water is sort of working again so I had a nice almost-warm shower, which was a considerable improvement on before.

Uhm.. did nothing again. Continued reading Lonesome Squirrel and listened to Amaterase's new single. Complained about it.

The end. >_>

Day Fifteen

I woke up at 8, rolled over and went back to sleep. Woke up at 9, considered getting up for breakfast. Rolled over and went back to sleep, DREAMT about eating breakfast, then finally got up at 10. XD


I was gunna go to Khao San Rd today in search of walking boots (again), but I just watched the damn tuk-tuk leave and now it's BUCKETTING again. =3= Will see if it clears up... the Brit in me says that because it's cold indoors (aircon), it's cold outdoors, and as such I don't wanna go out there. >____>

So, so lazy. XD

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Sooo... I went down to the pier at about 10 this morning, but a guy there said "*wave* NO BOAT!", so uh. >_> Went back to where some tuk-tuk guys had been lobbying me and asked them how much it would be to get to Siam Sq, and one said 100B, so I was like uhm... no, I don't think so, I can get the boat for 12. >_> So he said "Special Discount for you :D 50B~ And one stop come to see my sponsor." so ehh.. I really needed to get moving so I said alright and off we went.

In the end he took me to two of his sponsors and said "Look, just go in there, pretend you are interested for 10 minutes and I get free gasoline. you get me free gasoline, I'll take you to MBK." So, alright, alright, 10 mins later, there I am pretending to be interested in buying a custom tailord leather jacket... and as hard as it is to keep a straight face, because I mean heck, do I look the kind of person who wears tailored clothing???

Anyway, I decided to stir things up a little by requesting fur on the collar and cuffs, and then asking what kind it was.. and was told in no uncertainty "We use the real fur, not the cotton made to look like fur, it's real and you cannot buy in market. We smuggle it =)"

...;; Great, reassuring, that is. So glad you're pleased with yourself for supporting the illegal tradein animal pelt. >_> Wankers.

Came out of there shortly afterwards and my dear driver took me to ANOTHER of his sponsers >_>; Ehh. Jewellery factory. It was actually quite interesting, until they took me out of the workroom and into the showroom. u_u Boooriiiing... anyway, I tried on a few sapphire rings, glittered a bit and made my escape.

Fiiiinally got to MBK, wandered, bought a silly hat, went looking for walking boots and was repeatedly guided away from the host shoes in the men's section.. so many... sexy... shoes... *_*;;

I found a pair of DM knockoffs that looked okay, so I asked the guy if they had them in my size. he said no, and I must've looked disappointed, beuase he told me not to be sad and sang me a song. @_@; It was bizarre.

Then I bought a hat. Went out for shoes, came back with a hat. XD Typical. Had PIE for lunch in 5th Ave.

So yeah, epic phail on that front, and then I went to CENTRAL WOOOOORLD. XD

They had a NEXT. And a Clarkes. And Pepper Lunch. The overall effect was sort of like Basingstoke Festival Place gone weird. XD Aaaaand then I got Tata Young Cds thrown at me... Which also happened today. Went into a music shop, realised I had no idea what was going on, picked up the first CD I recognised as a decoy, so I could suss things out a bit while pretending to be reading the back and "AH TATA YOUNG!! *throws tata young CDs at hori*" T^T

I was kinda tired after that, so I found the taxi rank and got approached by more tuk-tuk guys who said 200B to get back to my hotel >_> I told them that was ridiculous and offered 100B, and then we agreed on 150B, cus screw it, I was tired and wanted home. >_> Turns out it was a reeeally long way, so he earned his £2.50 XP I didn't realise tuk-tuks could go that fast, man, wow. XD;;

Posted pic of hat on Facebook. >_> Which remiiinds me, how many of you have facebook? Link meh, I wants to adds ye D:!! <3
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Cyberland Gackt - VIRUS =O

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Day Eight

I feel... regretfully fragile and dizzy. T_T I felt fine when i got up, but now I'm all woozeh.

I did, however venture down to the 7-11, run into both the Tuk-Tuk guys, bought a can of diet coke and some meiji black, and now feel sleepy but more content. Oh, and I found a drug store (alas, no cowboys) and got some mozzie repellant too, yay!

Day Nine

Stayed in, was boring - went to pool, drew some stuff, the end. XD

Day Ten

Planning to go to MBK today, but it really looks like it's going to rain, although the temperature remains much the same. I'm sure it's just the Brit in me warning me of impending rain, and that the weather isn't reeeeally going to be bad; but still, I can't help but worry.

I mean, it must rain here, right? Otherwise why's everything so goddamn green?? D:

... It's raining. :< BLAAAHHHH. TORRENTIAL RAIN. DX Damn me for staying in yesterday when it was nice. x_X I wanna go to MBK, and once I get there, I'll be dry, but it's raining so hard, an dit's so humid, if I go out in it I'll never dry out again D:

Taking a raincheck (lulz) on that one for now - I'll give it an hour or so and see what the weather's doing then.


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I have never ever been as sick as I am right now. Not as far as I remember anyway, which means what, 18 years? More? I dunno, whatever, oh god I am dying.

I nearly passed out in the street, but I fought it and I got back to the hotel, but once I got to the lift.... yeah, game over. I threw up all over the bathroom, and although I think I'm pretty much done on that front, I just... well, my clothes are covered in crap, and I don't know what to do, because I don't GET sick, so when I do... well, what do I do!? @_@ Apart from drink water and try and work out how to wash my clothes with soap a bit so they aren't disgusting when I send them for laundry.

Oh, and now I have no more loo roll left either, because they didn't give me a new one yesterday >_> I also can't call down for more, because I look like I've died or something, and all the bites on one leg have turned purple. x_x.

I think the door just beeped, but nobody came in.. I really hope the cleaners will come becuase although I have pretty much cleared it away, I NEED LOO ROLL DX

I think I'm gunna empty the bin and use it as a washbasin. What a laugh.

Oh yeah, and my connection sucks, but I can'tgo downstairs cus I'm weepy and pathetic... plus what if it happens again, i wanna be near a private bathroom. x___X

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Urgh. T_____T I'm suposed to go to Chiang Mai the day after tomorrow... ;3;....... I don't want to have wasted my money T__T;; £150 is a lot to lose in the grand scheme of things. *cry*

I am now officially fed up with people trying to help me. Because they aren't. If they were trying to help me, they would notice I couldn't keep my eyes open or walk in a straight line. Not tell me to go fucking trekking or visit the bloody TAT. They'd let me sit down for a minute. x_x

My mummy phoned me. *snif* I feel better. ;3;~~~